Our cabinet designers transform rough-hewn ideas into exquisite realities.

The photos you see throughout this website depict local kitchens, laundry rooms, entertainment centers, libraries and baths designed by Schroll designers and dealers. Like your project, each started with a simple idea, perhaps a sheaf of photos torn from magazines, and an empty space.

Don’t worry if you don’t know exactly what you want. Our experienced custom cabinet designers are experts at discerning homeowner wants and needs and transforming rough-hewn ideas and feelings into exquisite realities.


Our Designers

Meet our designers and see some of the beautiful cabinets they’ve designed for homeowners like you.


Doug Edgerton
Chris Reed

Fort Collins

Mindy Cuba
Ann Liggett-Smith
Debra McIntosh Smith
Scott Ragsdale
Jana Houtz
Leah Matta



Anna Parks
Todd Vadas

Colorado Springs

Christian Geiger
Nick Atkinson

Schroll’s design team is eager to help you get started with your project. Visit or phone ahead to one of our convenient showrooms to make an appointment with a designer.

Our Showrooms