Infinite possibilities for inspiration.

Your dream home is possible—Schroll can help you turn your abstract ideas and feelings into concrete realities. Our incredible variety of door styles, finish options and architectural details can be combined in an almost infinite number of ways to create any type of design. You just need a simple point of inspiration.

Your Kitchen in Dog Years

Your Kitchen in Dog Years I've heard veterinarians equate human years to dog years.   They say if you multiply your pooch's chronological age by seven years you'll come up with the dog's equivalent age if he or she were human. In other words, a...
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The Burning Issue

  The Burning Issue "What's the next big thing in kitchen design?"   The burning issue... at cocktail parties, at fundraisers, in the dentist's waiting room. When people find out I'm a kitchen designer, this is often the first question they ask. I...

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