Caring for your Schroll cabinets is easy.


Everyday care

For your Schroll cabinets, mild soap and water is usually all you need for day-to-day cleaning. Along with your cabinets you’ll receive a Home Touch-up Kit, which includes our Schroll Polish to keep your cabinets looking their best.

For your Schroll wood top, use mild soap and water on a soft cloth, drying thoroughly and immediately. Mineral oil should be applied regularly, especially when the top is new and any time the top tends to have a dry appearance. Simply apply mineral oil with a paper towel and allow the top to absorb the oil for several hours or overnight. Then, use paper toweling again to gently buff away any oil residue.

Don’t worry if your wood starts changing color slightly. All wood species tend to naturally darken with age. Mineral oil application will also darken wood to some extent and will enhance the natural variation and grain of the wood. The rich patina that develops with regular use will give your new wood top character and personality.


Limited lifetime warranty

Our products will not be warranted against changes due to excessive moisture or extreme dryness or humidity, abusive handling, or failure to properly install and/or care for the wood top, all of which are beyond our control. Spotting and staining from food, beverages and everyday use is not covered by this warranty.

If you’d like to read our limited lifetime warranty, please download it here.