We make sure your cabinets arrive safe and sound.



Since every Schroll cabinet is custom made, the manufacturing process typically takes about six weeks or so from the time you sign the purchase contract, but it can take longer during peak production times. Please allow sufficient time in your construction schedule for your cabinet delivery.

Your designer will advise you of a projected delivery week when you place your order. As that date nears, your designer will give you a specific date and time of day to expect your delivery. Our shipping manager does a great job of delivering your cabinets on time. We can’t control the wind and snow, so you may have to be ready for a day’s delay if we run into inclement weather.

For local orders, your cabinets will be delivered by Schroll employees in Schroll company trucks. The cabinets are wrapped at the factory and handled with great care in transit.

If you have specific questions about the delivery process, please contact your Schroll designer.



Your on-site contractor or his or her trim carpenter will install your cabinets. We will provide your installer with detailed floorplans and elevations to help you achieve a professional finished product. It’s best to time the delivery of the cabinets so that your carpenter is ready for them when they arrive. If this is not possible, you’ll need a heated storage area.

If you have specific questions about the installation process, please contact your Schroll designer.