Infinite possibilities for inspiration.

Your dream home is possible—Schroll can help you turn your abstract ideas and feelings into concrete realities. Our incredible variety of door styles, finish options and architectural details can be combined in an almost infinite number of ways to create any type of design. You just need a simple point of inspiration.

Picking the Perfect Countertop

Anyone who has started a home renovation project knows how much thought and time goes into picking out products for your space. Here is our guide to picking the perfect countertop for your space!

Kitchen Organization Tips

An uncluttered kitchen is a dream for most homeowners. If you’re not intentional with how you utilize space in the kitchen, it can easily become cluttered and overwhelming. From saving time when prepping your meals to saving money when shopping for them, there are many reasons to tackle your kitchen organization.

Product Upkeep: Countertops

You’ve spent countless hours designing your dream kitchen and picking out the perfect countertop. Now everything is installed and you’re wondering how to keep it looking shiny and new forever.

schroll vanity bathroom

Furniture Vanities

When it comes to furniture vanities, there are virtually endless options and combinations to meet your unique needs and preferences.

john schroll cabinets

In Memory of John Schroll

We honor our founder John Schroll. He established Schroll Cabinets in 1974 in a 2,000 square foot garage on Cheyenne’s south side. His mission was to provide quality cabinetry to the local builder market.  

Coping with Change

Well, isn’t this just somethin’?

If I had known how much time I’d be spending at home, I would have devised a rational “To Do” list or taken up alchemy or written the next great American novel. Instead, I’ve spent all my time fussing and fretting and wondering, “What if?” Seems a tipsy-turvy world is not very conducive to me getting anything done. And by anything, I mean any period thing period.

Miraculous Miracle Bag

If you’re like me, you read every travel tip you run across on the world wide web.

I’m a sucker for any side bar article titled ‘Travel Tips Only Travelers Know’ or ‘Pack Like A Paratrooper’. Surely, I’m only one click away from discovering the secret to cramming in one more pair of jeans. You know, the extra pair I might need just in case.

designing on a budget

High / Low Esthetic

There’s nothing like a good, old-fashioned tight budget to get your creative juices flowing.

The fun of dreaming is dreaming big, no matter what our resources. But we should always (always!) make the most of what we already have. These days, reduce, reuse, recycle is way more than just a slogan.

acrylic melamine cabinets

Why Choose Not Wood?

When we think of fine cabinetry, we naturally conjure up images of cherry Duncan Phyfe pedestal dining tables or Lord Grantham’s Downton Abbey oak-lined library.

We don’t immediately think of fine cabinetry as something made of engineered material and, surprisingly, we are immediately wrong. Acrylics and melamines, when well-crafted and smartly designed as kitchen cabinetry, can be as fine as fine can be.

Achieving Closet Nirvana Pt. IV

Perhaps you joined us with a Ph.D. in all things organization-y and checked us out to make sure we hit the high points.

Whether your closet is a neglected target-rich environment or it’s practically perfect in every way, I’m sure you’ve noticed the one subject we’ve managed to skirt altogether – the embarrassment of riches that is Too Much Stuff.

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