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At Schroll, our custom cabinets are constructed for strength and durability. Our cabinets feature furniture-quality construction and we take the time to make sure every part is built solidly and looks spectacular.

Our Story

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John Schroll was born and raised in Cheyenne and grew up learning the building trade with his father Bill Schroll, a local residential contractor. When Bill needed quality cabinetry for his custom homes but didn’t have a local source, the idea for Schroll Cabinets was born.

In 1974, John started Schroll Cabinets in a small shop at 8th Street and Bradley Avenue with the goal of supplying quality cabinetry to the local Cheyenne builder market. He had one employee and 2,000 square feet of shop space. Now, Schroll Cabinets is the premier producer of high-quality custom cabinets in the Rocky Mountain Region. The manufacturing facility has expanded and includes warehouse and countertop fabrication space, and we have showrooms and distributors throughout Wyoming, Colorado, and Nebraska.

John Schroll passed away in 2020. During his last years at Schroll, John’s primary role was creating a vision for the company’s future. Today, continuing the family tradition, John’s son Tyler serves as Schroll’s co-owner and President, and his youngest daughter Laura is Schroll’s co-owner and Controller. We still do business according to John’s values and uphold his quality guarantee. And we still make The West’s Best Cabinets.

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Cheyenne & Fort Collins

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Cheyenne & Fort Collins

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Fort Collins & Denver

stewards of the environment

We recognize that the future of our business is dependent on the responsible use of our environment. Schroll Cabinets is committed to being a conscientious corporate citizen. We’re dedicated to creating environmentally friendly cabinets and to a reduce → reuse → recycle philosophy. It’s our goal to conserve natural resources by adhering to this philosophy during all of our custom cabinet projects.

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