Cabinet Styles

When selecting a cabinet style for your kitchen, consider aesthetics and functionality. Both framed and frameless cabinetry have their advantages. What’s the difference? Essentially, framed cabinets have a face frame that covers the cabinet box, while frameless cabinets do not have a face frame.

Framed vs. Frameless


Framed cabinets are sturdy and more traditional where frameless are typically found in more contemporary kitchens.

Framed cabinets are more customizable and have more door styles available.


Frameless cabinets offer more space and accessibility.


Both framed and frameless kitchen cabinets are durable and built with quality craftsmanship, they are just constructed a little differently to achieve a distinct look.

Framed Inset Cabinets

These types of doors were once used in the U.S. for most built-in cabinetry, from colonial times through the early 20th century; they demand exceptional craftsmanship because they require precise tolerances and squareness to fit correctly.

Framed inset doors are installed flush with the frame, or “inset,” so that visually, you see a frame around doors and drawers. Schroll’s inset doors sit within a beaded face frame and are flush with the front edges of the cabinet box. Barrel hinges have ball-style finial tips available in many finishes. The hinges are small but visible on the outside edge of the door, but are available with a totally concealed hinge. 

Kitchen cabinets in this style are always unique, and only our most experienced craftsmen build them.

Framed Overlay Cabinets

An “overlay” refers to the amount of cabinet face the doors and drawer front overlaps. There are two types of overlay: standard and full. Standard overlay cabinet fronts cover most of the face, but still show (or “reveal”) some; full overlay cabinet fronts are larger and reveal less.

This overlay is perfect for a traditional or conventional look and is our most popular hinge.

Frameless Cabinets

With frameless cabinets, the doors fully overlay the box. Full overlay hinges are commonly used in contemporary settings, which results in adjoining doors and drawers with very little space between them. When you look at frameless kitchen cabinets, the doors and drawers appear to be seamless.
This style of kitchen cabinetry lends itself to modern and traditional design.

Visit the Inspiration page to see more examples of Schroll’s cabinets.

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