Webster’s definition of Nirvana is “a transcendent state in which there is neither suffering, desire, nor sense of self and the subject is released from the effects of karma.” Your closet will have a tough time releasing you from karma but it can go a long, long way toward eliminating suffering. There’s even a case to be made for its ability to affect your desire and sense of self but, obviously, I expect a lot from a closet.

A custom closet is truly wonderous. We’ve advanced leaps and bounds from a plain vanilla set-up of flimsy shelves and some extra rods. The sky’s the limit when it comes to finishes. They range from swanky Gloss Grey to sleek and modern textured Canella Rustik to rich Glazed Cherry Truffle to the soft, worn blue of Crooked River and much more in between. Drawers, hampers, jewelry pull-outs and valet rods abound! But no matter how tricked out the closet itself, you can only relieve your suffering, quench your shopaholic desires and elevate your sense of self by maximizing the stuff that goes into the closet.

Secret # 3 – Happiness Is In The Hangers

  • Matching hangers are so essential they’re available in the Amazon Essentials brand. Less than thirty bucks for a hundred clear medium weight hangers comes close to changing your life. You’ll need two additional varieties – the clear with the two little pinchy thingies for hanging skirts and the non-slip kind for your jeans and trousers (I prefer the black velvet).
  • Once you buy them, switch them out, for crying out loud. Stop complaining, dive in, and do it ‘til its done. Don’t fret about assessing each clothing item at this point. Keep your eyes on the prize and get those wire hangers out of the closet. Period. Bag up your wire hangers and drop them at your favorite donation site. They’ll be tickled to get them.
  • Empty hangers don’t belong in the closet at all. They look messy and take up valuable closet rod space. Unless the items you’re wearing that day will absolutely be re-hung after wearing, put the hanger in your hamper so it will make it’s way to the laundry room along with the laundry.

Secret # 4 – Transformational Indispensables
These items make your everyday life so-o-o-o much easier. They take up little room but increase your efficiency a thousand-fold. This isn’t hyperbole. If you don’t have these things in your closet you’ll die:

  • Wastebasket for emptying your pockets, keeping your purse tidy, getting rid of airline luggage tags, throwing away a holey sock, etc.
  • Scissors for removing price tags and a seam ripper for removing the labels that bug you at the back of your neck. Well, maybe they don’t bug you but I’m very delicate.
  • Laundry stain stick for treating a wine spill or chocolate smudge or pen mark before the soiled item goes into the hamper. This just makes sense, as the goop starts treating the stain immediately even if wash day isn’t until next Saturday. I’m a total slob…if I’m near wine, chocolate, or ink I smear wine, chocolate and ink. I have to dab the stain stick all over me before I take my clothes off so I won’t forget. Pitiful.
  • Collapsible ladder, because if you can reach it, you’ll wear it. The long bones in my arms and legs are short. I have short long bones. My shoes are all out of reach without my ladder, same with my handbags. Daily climbing doesn’t make me skinny but it keeps me scrappy!

Stay tuned for more secrets of Achieving Closet Nirvana. Well, maybe they’re rules rather than secrets. But nobody likes rules.

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