Buck Montoya

Colorado Springs, CO
Designing since: 2005
At Schroll since: 2019

I love this work because it combines the technical with the artistic and it is driven by imagination. My background as a detail engineer in the telecom industry and a luthier (stringed instrument artisan) suits me well for the problem-solving opportunities encountered in this work, which is often like a multi-dimensional puzzle. I enjoy working with people to transform their spaces to align with their dreams.

The approach I take with my clients is to listen to their wants and needs and take notes. I ask questions to help me focus on their visions, and offer suggestions that promote their visions. I include my clients and update them during the design process, and I follow through after the sale and answer questions the cabinet installers may have. The plans I draw include many notes to clarify the details. I am there for my clients after installation should they have questions. For me, job satisfaction comes when my clients get to live in their completed projects and they tell me how it brings them joy.

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