Coping with Change


Well, isn’t this just somethin’?

If I had known how much time I’d be spending at home, I would have devised a rational “To Do” list or taken up alchemy or written the next great American novel. Instead, I’ve spent all my time fussing and fretting and wondering, “What if?” Seems a tipsy-turvy world is not very conducive to me getting anything done. And by anything, I mean any period thing period.

However, my family (chock full of lawyers) tells me they are getting tons done. Their businesses are booming with divorce cases and estate planning. No surprise there. An uncertain future and 24/7 together time have prompted folks to get on the stick and make for a better, more certain tomorrow. I’m also not surprised that every good designer I know is crazy busy. For many homeowners, those first couple of panicky grocery shopping trips proved (beyond a shadow of a doubt) that finding convenient extra storage was a near impossibility. And endless breakfast, lunch, and dinner dish washing demonstrated the dire need for countless improvements.

Luckily, designers have figured out how to help you make most of your decisions virtually. After all, if the Democratic National Convention can select its presidential nominee remotely, your designer should be able to virtually decide where to put your refrigerator. A picture is worth a thousand words and email can relay a thousand pictures.

Someday our prince will come and this will be all over.  With good luck and enough STEM minds, we will once again be able to meet face to face, swap countertop samples across the table, use the same pen. Until then, forge ahead with your grand plan for a butcher block island large enough for two dozen family-sized containers of Clorox Wipes. Plan the pantry of your dreams where red beans and pinto beans and navy beans can co-exist alongside every dry pasta variety known to man. Envision the perfect sterilizing station for all 200 items purchased on your last bi-monthly trip to the store.

The world changes, our situation changes, and we adapt to cope with the change. You probably already have a bunch of ideas floating around in your head about how to make your current set-up work in your new world. A good designer can make sense of all those ideas and show you how to seamlessly step from the old paradigm into a new one. Just don’t forget to designate a spot for your touch-less thermometer and your fashionable wardrobe of masks.

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