Whether it’s a remodel, renovation, or a new build, you’re going to be thinking about countertops. And this can be a challenging decision! There are many countertop styles and materials to choose from, and you will probably think differently about how your countertops should look and function in your kitchen, bathroom, and elsewhere.

Here’s a short guide to the products we offer at Schroll that will help you select the perfect countertop for your space.


For more than twenty years Schroll has partnered with DuPont for solid surface countertops. DuPont’s 35-year reputation as a quality manufacturer, as well as their 10-year transferable warranty, make Corian a practical choice that’s tough and long-lasting. And with over 125 colors, it’s also a beautifully versatile choice. Corian-integrated sinks create a seamless transition between your countertop and sink and come in many styles and shapes. An endless range of edge treatments and inlay options make Corian the designer’s choice for every room in your home.


Granite is one of the hardest materials on earth. Used as a countertop material with proper sealing, it is resistant to scratches, acids, stains and heat. It is long-lasting, durable and available in a wide variety of colors, textures and crystal patterns. The unique veining patterns and colors can be used to create exquisite designs that create a warm and inviting environment for your kitchen or bath.


IceStone is made from 100% recycled glass that is mixed with cement to create a highly durable, aesthetically beautiful and sustainable concrete surface. IceStone’s versatility of color and finish offers exceptional design options, unparalleled durability and sustainability. IceStone is the first durable surface recipient of the prestigious Gold level, Cradle to Cradle certification. With this achievement, IceStone has set the standard as a model 21st century green building business. Not only is their product green, but they are a green manufacturer, housed in the restored Brooklyn Navy Yard day-lit facility. Factory machines run on soy-based, instead of petroleum-based, lubricant.

Maple Butcherblock

Wood has a warm and luminous appeal for countertops in kitchens. Solid Northern Hard Maple butcherblock tops are as beautiful as they are functional. While you enjoy the soft grain and subtle color variations of your top you also can use it as a true cutting surface. Our tops, which can be made up to 3 inches thick, are hand assembled of jointed edge-grain strips in our custom shop in Cheyenne.

Wood is one of the more sanitary products for the kitchen and, with proper maintenance—it has inherent properties to protect it from bacteria build-up. Your new butcherblock top comes treated with mineral oil and will develop a lovely, worn patina with regular use.


Silestone is a high-quality engineered quartz surfacing product that can be used for countertops, flooring, vanity tops, tub surrounds, table tops and much more. Silestone offers a unique mix of strength and elegance in all surfacing applications. It is composed of 93% natural quartz, and looks and feels like granite or limestone but is much more durable than other natural stones. In fact, quartz is surpassed in strength only by diamonds, sapphires and topaz.


Soapstone is a naturally quarried stone that is dense and non-porous. Harder than marble, slate, limestone or granite, soapstone is impenetrable and will not stain. It has been widely used in chemistry labs and classrooms as it is impervious to heat. In fact, it is the only countertop material on which cooking vessels can safely be set directly from the oven.

Soapstone countertops offer a deep, rich color palette and a very smooth, soft, almost soapy touch because they are composed primarily of quartz and mineral talc. Its soft but dense nature allows for an aging process that makes it become even more beautiful over time.

Solid Wood Tops

Schroll’s countertop family includes warm, beautiful wood tops that are an ideal surface for a centerpiece island. Wood tops are available in a variety of wood species, so consult with your designer to discuss the advantages of each choice to find one that truly fits in with your space. Wood tops may be clear and refined or lovingly pre-distressed by hand and develop more patina with age, providing a dramatic focal point for your new kitchen.

Veneer Wood Tops

Our cherry, knotty alder, maple, hickory and oak veneered tops are made on-site and are finished with the same durable high performance top-coat as our doors. Stained to match your Schroll cabinetry, our lustrous finishes enhance the natural beauty and warmth of the wood.

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