In Memory of John Schroll

We honor our founder John Schroll. He established Schroll Cabinets in 1974 in a 2,000 square foot garage on Cheyenne’s south side. His mission was to provide quality cabinetry to the local builder market.  

The business began with a completely different dream. When John was 20 years old, he had saved $2,000 for a Mazda 240Z sports car. His dad, who was a home builder, told him that Cheyenne needed a cabinet shop. So, they went in 50/50 on the garage where Schroll Cabinets started. He never purchased the car, but the $2,000 investment changed the course of his life. 

For the next 45 years, John continued to expand the company’s production area and invest in modern machinery and technology. He invested in the company and in Cheyenne. Schroll Cabinets eventually grew to a 60,000 square foot manufacturing facility, servicing markets across the Rocky Mountain region, all from Cheyenne. The company now employs 85 people.

John was a craftsman and took great pride in the quality of every cabinet that left the dock. He valued his employees and treated them as family. He taught us to capitalize on people’s strengths and not dwell on their weaknesses. His loyalty, courage, diligence, and integrity have contributed to the success that Schroll Cabinets has seen over the years.    

John passed away in 2020. The core values he possessed are ingrained in the daily operation of Schroll Cabinets today. His family proudly carries on his legacy by creating a quality product that we know he would be proud of, taking care of our customers, employees and the community. We will continue to craft dream kitchens across the Rocky Mountains for years to come. 

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John Schroll and Family

With gratitude, Kathryn Scholl; Elizabeth, Derek, Lukka and Ellynore Pollnow; Laura, Kipp and Kaiden Raines; and Tyler Schroll.

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