Schroll’s inset doors sit within a beaded face frame and are flush with the front edges of the cabinet box. Barrel hinges have ball-style finial tips available in many finishes. The hinges are small but visible on the outside edge of the door. Inset doors are also available with a totally concealed hinge. These types of doors were once used in the U.S. for most built-in cabinetry, from colonial times through the early 20th century.

Inset doors and drawers demand exceptional craftsmanship because they require precise tolerances and squareness to fit correctly. Only our most experienced craftsmen build them. The installation of inset-door cabinets also requires additional time by a careful craftsman qualified in the installation of high-end quality cabinetry.

Special Instructions and Notes


Available With Framed Cabinets

This overlay is only compatible with the framed cabinet option. To learn more about framed and frameless cabinets, please read our explanation.