Schroll Cabinets has been family owned and family operated since the very beginning.

When John Schroll started Schroll Cabinets in 1974 in Cheyenne, Wyoming, the goal was to supply quality cabinetry to builders in the Cheyenne area. John’s dad Bill, a local residential contractor at the time, was involved at Schroll Cabinets, as were John’s mom and his brother. Today, John’s daughter Laura Raines, his son Tyler Schroll and Laura’s husband Kipp are running the business, which has grown to include three Colorado locations, in Fort Collins, Littleton and Colorado Springs.

While the manufacturing looks a lot different than it did in 1974, and the world has changed in dramatic ways, there’s a lot at Schroll Cabinets that has stayed the same: a commitment to quality, to service, and to family.

“We didn’t know this was going to be our future,” Laura says about taking the helm at Schroll Cabinets. “But in a roundabout way, my dad prepared me for this through the values he instilled in us. Things he taught us help us where we are now.” This includes the value of hard work, honesty and leadership, having courage and being resilient.

It takes courage to move forward – to invest in machinery, the workforce and new software, and to modernize everything from business practices and marketing efforts to warehouses and employee benefits. But you have to take risks, Laura says. You can’t stay stagnant.

“And you have to have balance,” Kipp says. “We strive for balance in our own lives and promote that for our employees.”

“My dad was really into taking care of his people,” Laura says. “My family and I want to carry that on, taking care of all the people here.”

There are some current Schroll employees who have been with the company 30 and 40 years, and they feel like family. They watched Laura and Tyler grow up.

Quality will also always be a top priority at Schroll. That’s what built Schroll – quality is the Schroll Cabinets brand. “No matter what, we don’t sacrifice on quality and service,” says Kipp. “Quality is the priority for the people who buy our product; they come to us for a quality product and they know we are going to stand behind it.” And that’s something Schroll Cabinets is really proud of.

2024 will mark Schroll Cabinets’ 50th anniversary. The family is looking forward to making progress that continues to maintain the roots John Schroll established.

Schroll Cabinets will continue to be locally manufactured and family owned. While the spectrum of what Schroll offers will become broader, it will broaden locally. And a commitment to quality will always be the number one priority.

“I feel really proud of what my dad created,” Laura says. “It’s really cool to walk back and see how it’s changed, and also to see how our family values are still deeply embedded in the company.”


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