Finishing your basement is a big project with even bigger rewards. While an unfinished basement can be a great option for storage, utilizing this space can create additional room for your family and guests for the remainder of time you spend in your house, while simultaneously adding value to your home. Preparation is paramount for a project like this. Knowing what to look for will help save you money and time along the way.

Here are three things we suggest you do before beginning your basement remodel.

Check the Foundation

Water leaks are an enemy to your updated basement. Your flooring, drywall, furniture, and fixtures will all be in jeopardy if you encounter flooding or leaking in your new space. Before starting any construction, assess the state of the foundation. Basements can develop cracks in the walls from settling concrete or foundation issues.

If you do encounter foundation issues consult with a professional to make the proper repairs before beginning any kind of renovation.

Eliminate any kind of water issues that may already be present or could arise in the future. Make sure to examine floors, ceilings, and the walls for any type of water damage. Leaking pipes can go unnoticed in a basement causing mold, rot, and even foundation shifting. Ignoring these issues can cause expensive problems later.

Establish a Budget

When making the decision to upgrade your basement or not, budget is obviously an important consideration. As you begin to build out your budget keep in mind that, typically, finishing your basement will give you a 70 to 75% return on your investment. That means if you spend $10,000 on improvements, the value of your property will increase by about $7,000.

The total you spend on your basement will depend on several different factors so it’s important to consider what the goal of your investment is. Are you finishing the basement to sell? Are you hoping to add more space to your home? Is there a possibility you’ll use the space as a rental to generate income? Be sure to consider all your options while building your budget.

Decide on Lighting and Layout

Once you’ve decided to move forward with your basement remodel, you’ll need to create a plan. We suggest working with a professional to map out the layout and design of your basement and then providing your contractor with that plan only once you’re certain you won’t have any changes or updates. Once construction has started it can be costly to change your mind on even small items.

Planning for lighting is especially important in basement spaces because they tend to be so dark if you’re not intentional about it. However, by correctly utilizing the windows that are available and installing appropriate overhead lighting you can create a space that feels comfortable and bright, just like any other area in your home.

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