2021 Kitchen Trends

As years go by, we watch most kitchen trends change as quickly as they arrived. Home interior inspiration comes from all over – Pinterest, Instagram, home makeover TV shows, magazines, and more. With access to so many different styles – what styles are trending in the kitchen right now? Here’s what we’re seeing!


Currently, kitchen cabinets have a “less is more” look. Minimalist aesthetic seems to be trending in all areas of home design, but especially in the kitchen. Scandinavian-inspired concepts are showing themselves through streamlined yet subtle features. Neutral finishes, light cabinets, and airy white backsplashes are a few examples of this. We’re also seeing lighter, more organic looking wood that highlights a more rustic, beachy look. Organic, distressed finishes give a one-of-a-kind look and are making each project more unique.


We’re seeing similar trends in backsplash – earthy, natural, and neutral tile creates a palette that offers an elevated yet comforting design for your kitchen space. Subway tile continues to be strong this year but moving away from traditional styles and popping in with fun new patterns.


It appears that the neutral kitchen is here to stay. White cabinets, countertops, and white kitchen walls are the top contenders for this year’s most popular kitchen colors.

Just a few months ago it seemed that the only color (besides white) that had the right to be in the kitchen was a dark navy blue. However, recently we’ve observed that this cobalt color is being replaced by emerald! It’s official: green kitchens are ‘in’!


The use of natural materials has increased during the pandemic and will only become more appealing as marble, granite, and unpainted wood cabinets and countertops become a fixture in American kitchens. As we’ve seen in previous years, a butcher block countertop has become popular for its ability to warm up an otherwise neutral kitchen. And marble islands have taken the stage as a showstopping piece in high-end design.

Quartz is also on the list of sought-after countertop materials, because of its color and finish. It was introduced as a high-end alternative to granite and is especially fitting for homeowners who are looking for something strong.

What current trends are you loving right now? What are you excited to see next year? Are there trends you’re ready to say goodbye to?


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