5 Ways to Upgrade Your Home Office

The home office might be the room (or area) that saw the biggest change when the pandemic started and as it carried on. At the beginning of 2020, when most American workers were moved from their traditional shared offices to a work from home environment, people struggled with how to create a secluded space in their homes to continue their work. Zoom calls were taken from the kitchen counter, elementary school happened on the couch, and deadlines were met at the dinner table.

Now that it’s been two years since the pandemic began, it might be time to update the space that you threw together so quickly back in 2020. If your office could use a little help, we’ve pulled together 5 simple ways to upgrade your work from home space!

1. Low on space? Try floating shelves or a floating desk!

If you’re low on space but looking to quickly add more storage to your office, adding floating shelves is a cost-effective way to store books, files, and supplies, in a more aesthetic way.

A floating desk can span the length of an empty wall in your room, giving you the option to add just a chair to create an area for your computer and printer. With this option you have the freedom to customize the desktop and height of your workspace.

2. Add custom built-in cabinetry

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution to elevating your home office, adding custom cabinetry will provide you with enough storage to make sure you have a functional space, while also concealing anything you might not want guests to see, or that you’d like to keep out of the hands of your kids!

Schroll specializes in custom cabinetry, and coupled with the talent of our expert designers we can help you create solutions for your unique office space! Check out our custom cabinet styles here!

3. Brighten up your space

Good lighting is essential for a productive workspace. Adding desk lamps and stand-alone floor lamps will ensure that even during the darkest overtime hours, you’re still able to do your best work. Good lighting also creates a more professional looking environment if you’re doing online calls with coworkers or clients.

4. Stay organized

Maintaining an organized work environment is crucial to productivity. Keeping your desk clean and making sure important documents and items have designated spots will help you best utilize your work hours. Filing cabinets, paper trays, drawer organizers, or even a bulletin board will help you keep a clear mind and maintain your productivity.

Another important piece to staying organized is to avoid clutter. One thing that can easily be eliminated is unnecessary electronics – keep only what you currently use. If you have the storage space to tuck them away, keeping them off your desk will help you feel clear-headed.

5. Invest in a pair of noise-canceling headphones

If you live in a shared home, constant background noise can be distracting and make it hard to feel like you’re in a legitimate working space. If closing a door or dividing up your space doesn’t work for you, a good pair of headphones should do the trick.

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