How to Style Open Shelving

Open shelving seems to be a trend that isn’t going anywhere. Kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, mud rooms – there isn’t a space in the house where this style hasn’t been incorporated. Though open shelves can seem overwhelming to design, they offer an opportunity to showcase your personal style and are easy to update if your style evolves.

Here are a few tips from our experts on how to style your open shelves.

Kick the Clutter

When deciding what you want to add to your shelving, always go with the rule “less is more.” This is not the space to add those knickknacks from your grandma. Open shelving should be a space that’s reserved for thoughtful items. To avoid an overcrowded look, resist the urge to use up all the space for storage.

Find Your Balance

Pick items that have different textures, shapes, and sizes to ensure the space will have good dimension and balance. Books, baskets, mirrors, greenery, glass, signs, and photos are great pieces to incorporate into your shelving. Blending your textures and colors can be tricky but will help create diagonal designs and avoid too much of one thing in the same area.

If you’re feeling stuck, bringing in both cool and warm tones can also help create balance within your shelving. And never be afraid to blend old pieces and new pieces! This is an easy way to add character and gives your décor a vintage accent.

Follow the Rule of 3

One fundamental rule of design is using groupings of three. Our brains enjoy seeing things in threes because of the asymmetry created. It ensures design in a naturally pleasing way. Grouping your objects in threes will give you a good starting point for the overall design.

Merge Function with Beauty

Simple tricks like adding baskets to your shelves can create an extra element of storage for some of your less aesthetically pleasing items. Or, adding a nice ceramic bowl can act as a landing place for keys or other miscellaneous items.

Add Art

We all have art pieces laying around that haven’t found their place on a wall yet – add these to your shelves! This adds dimension, helps fill the space, and can add a great personal touch.

If you want to install open shelving in your home, give us a call to speak with one of our expert designers!

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