Organizing Your Bathroom Vanity in 4 Quick Steps

If there’s one room in your home that easily slips into disarray, it’s the bathroom. It’s a common space that’s used multiple times a day and shared by many, so keeping it organized can be challenging. But cleaning up and organizing clutter is an easy way to reduce stress, cut back on housework and increase your overall productivity. Even if you’re just looking for a way to shave some time off your busy morning, organizing your bathroom vanity is a good place to start.


Here’s our quick four-step guide to organizing your bathroom!

1. Take Everything Out

If you’re thinking of skipping this step – don’t! This is the most crucial step of the process because you need to take stock of everything you own to know what you can get rid of, such as old makeup or toiletries that have expired.

Once your drawers are empty, clean them with a vacuum or a wet rag. It’s also an option to add protective drawer liner at this point. If you have an older vanity, or drawers that seem to have endless layers of dirt and grime, this is an easy way to freshen them up.


2. Invest in Bathroom Storage

Once you know what needs to be stored and where, drawer organizers will keep even your smallest bathroom items in their place. This will be the best way to keep everything together for the long run.

You can also use turntables and stackable storage to add organization to your countertop if you’re running low on cabinet and drawer space.


3. Prioritize your Products

Create categories and store your items together based on those. Develop categories that make sense for your individual morning / evening routine.

Place what you use daily in spots that are easy to access, and the items you use less frequently can be tucked away. This will fast track your morning routine, so you’re not searching through products that you rarely use. For example, if you don’t blow dry and curl your hair every day, store these items in a different spot than the moisturizers and cleansers that you do use daily.


4. Be Mindful of Bringing in New Products

This will not only keep your bathroom from becoming cluttered again, it will also save you money. If you’re able to easily see what products and supplies you already have, you’ll be less likely to purchase things you don’t need. Take stock of the items you have before buying anything new and toss any duplicate items.

If this feels like an overwhelming project, you don’t have to declutter the whole bathroom in one sitting. Start small with just one drawer or the cabinet under your sink, and before you know it, your space will feel refined and refreshed. And if you’re looking to update your bathroom organization on a larger scale, give one of our expert designers a call. They can help you create a custom vanity that is the perfect fit for your space!

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