Adding a mudroom to your home might be the right decision for you if you’re consistently dealing with muddy shoes, snowy boots, heavy coats, dirty paws ­or overflowing backpacks. Depending on your home, and what your family needs, a mudroom can be built with your specific goals in mind. The key to having an organized, functional mudroom is the customize it just for you, although there are a few options we suggest adding to the space to increase its functionality.

Easy to Clean Flooring

If your new mudroom is going to see a lot of foot traffic and serve as the host to your family’s shoes, easy to clean flooring is the way to go. You want to create this space with materials that can be cleaned, mopped, or even hosed down if needed. We suggest porcelain tile, ceramic tile, vinyl plank, or vinyl sheet flooring. Always avoid carpet or real hardwood as both options will quickly become worn out and will need to be replaced.

A Work Space

Adding a large shelf over your washer and dryer or a small tabletop in your mudroom can be useful for folding clothes or other day to day tasks that you might not otherwise have space for.

Bench Seating

To ensure your mudroom functions smoothly, you’ll want a place to put on and take off shoes. An open bench can also double as storage by adding baskets or mats underneath.

Decorative Hooks and Shelving

Avoid using hangers and instead opt for decorative hooks and baskets to store your belongings. This will keep things looking organized and cohesive. To make things more attractive, mix in cubbies with closed storage and keep any unsightly items inside the closed units. This will ensure your mudroom is always looking clutter-free. If you have children, installing hooks at a lower level will give them the opportunity to hang their backpacks and coats on their own.

Tall Shelving

If your mudroom is limited on square footage, don’t underestimate the function of tall shelving. Adding shelves up high will give you a place to store items that you don’t use daily and free up space for the things that you do. You can also use these higher shelves to display décor if you want your mudroom to blend in with other areas in your home.

Custom Built-Ins

Maximize the space that you have by designing and adding as many built-in features as possible. Shelves, cubbies, drawers, and cabinets will ensure your mudroom offers long-term storage solutions

Multitasking Décor

Whenever it’s possible, choose décor for your mudroom that will double as a storage solution. Baskets, bins, decorative shelving, or hooks can all be utilized as storage.

If you’re ready to create the mudroom of your dreams, contact us today to speak with one of our expert designers and get started.

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